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    Drama Club



    ​​​ Welcome to The Academy at Saint Mary's Drama Club Page! This page is updated weekly and will provide information for the 2019 Spring Musical. 



    The Academy at Saint Mary

    Proudly Presents:



    The School Version

    May 8, 2019

    May 10, 2019

    May 11, 2019


     Cast List

    (In Order of Appearance)


    Miss Lynch: Angela Vrenjo

    Patty Simcox: Bridget Cronrath

    Eugene Florczyk: Michael Pugliese

    Jan: Amy Santiago

    Marty: Emma Moeller

    Rizzo: Angela Schembri

    Doody: Cristian Pena

    Roger: Matthew DeGennaro

    Kenickie: Nicholas Ford

    Sonny LaTierri: Nazario Ramos

    Frenchy: Kailyn Manzo

    Sandy Dumbrowski: Hannah Janiec

    Danny Zuko: James Greig

    Vince Fontaine: George Brewton

    Johnny Casino: Sanjay Vijaykumar

    Cha-Cha DiGregorio: Mila Baez

    Teen Angel: Joseph Zuniga & James Zuniga


    Pink Ladies:

    Emma Gomes, Sophia Bautista, Mia Ford, Nethra Mamidi,

    Isabella Martinez, Jaleen Santiago, Olivia Figueroa,

    Isabella Holland, Samira Lamboy, Ava Lawdanski,

    Carmelle Sullivan, Tara Dowden, Emily Koscielniak,

    Isabella Seda, Alicia Serrano


    Burger Palace Boys:

    Maks Figueroa, Emilio Hernandez, Gary Nichols,

    Nicholas Sleszynski, Paul Zaitoun, Brandon Fraser, 

    Gavin Harris, Jackson Harris, Zachary Swope,

    Lucas Gomes, Anthony DiDomenico, Veerraj Parmar,

    Shaktiraj Parmar, Anthony Holland, Dominick Miele, 

    Robbie Weigel


    Stage Crew:

    Kyra Pinney (Captain)

    Jamie Castro, Marc Gilles, Matthew Perez,

    Zachary Papenberg, Xavier Villar, Maia Brown,

    Sophia Lora, Maximus Wilson, Sami Zaitoun


    Due to forecasted weather rehearsal for Wednesday, February 20th is canceled! 



    ***Important Dates***


    Rehearsal Schedule Week of February 18th:

    Act 1: Scenes 4-7


    ***Please Note Burger Palace Boys & Pink Ladies in Grades 3 & 4 attend the Thursday Rehearsal Only!


    Wednesday, February 20th

    ***Jan, Marty, Frenchy, Sandy, Rizzo, Patty, Vince Fontaine, Danny, Sonny, Roger, Doody, Kenickie, Eugene, and All Burger Palace Boys & Pink Ladies in Grades 5-8 attend this rehearsal.


    Thursday, February 21st

    ***Jan, Marty, Frenchy, Sandy, Rizzo, Patty, Vince Fontaine, Danny, Sonny, Roger, Doody, Kenickie, Eugene, and All Burger Palace Boys & Pink Ladies in Grades 2-8 attend this rehearsal.



    Important Reminders:

    ***All cast members are to be studying their lines. We will be "off book"/no script by February 28th!!! 

    ***Philly Pretzel Sale is Thursday, February 21st. Hot Philly Pretzels.....$2.00 each. Please support the Drama Club!!!

    ***Cast & Crew Pre-Sale Tickets ends on February 28th.

    ***Elvis Night Tickets are on Sale. Please send in all ticket orders by February 22nd.


    Upcoming Events

    "Grease" Paint Night.....April 5th!

    ***Dinner with the Pink Ladies & Burger Palace Boys at Jim Dandys.....March 14th!







    If you have any questions about the Spring Musical Grease.....Please contact Mrs. T at the following email address:



    The Academy At Saint Mary Drama Club 


    Elvis.....One Night With You

    ***Starring Anthony Liguori as Elvis***

    Bill Turner/Blue Smoke Band and The Lazzaro Sisters



    March 30, 2019


    St. Mary High School Auditorium

    Tickets $20.00

    Pizza/Hot Dogs/Water/Soda Available for Purchase